Tips To Raise Spirited Kids

Have you ever been in a line at a fast food joint or at a grocery store and there was a kid throwing a temper tantrum over a simple thing?

Maybe they didn’t like the cereal picked out or they wanted a toy they didn’t get. It’s hard to get them to listen sometimes. Next on family growth blog , we will give some tips to raise spirited kids.

One thing that works with my son is, before we go anywhere like a toy store or play ground, we set down our son and tell him where we are going, what he can and can’t do and that when it is time to go he isn’t allowed to cry or protest.

This sets his mind and what to expect and what is expected of him. There are no surprises for him as to what he can or can’t do. It is all expected and there for planed even in his mind. This works so well and I can tell a difference in his action when we do this compared to if we forget.

Another thing is never back down from what you say you will do. If you say you will do something in response to their actions then always do it. Never change your mind.

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If you give a warning always back it up with actions. If you let the child believe you wont go thru with your warning then why would they bother listening. I’ve heard parents make warning after warning and never follow through. Those kids didn’t listen then and I doubt they ever will given the environment.

You might give them a choice on a matter. Maybe whether to eat one food or the other or go home without any food. Chances are they well make a decision quick if they truly believe you will take them home without.

Again you must follow-up on your warning. If they cry don’t bend or give in. Children will take advantage of every weakness that you show.

Some believe that not even giving attention at home when a child throws a temper tantrum will help. If a child doesn’t believe that it will help then why spend all the energy.

I don’t have a lot of experience with this but books I have read seem to indicate this works.

One thing I do have experience with is that positive reinforcement works. When I teach my child the correct way to do something or a correct way to act he loves the positive feed that I give. He strives to do more according to what I am teaching for more of the same. Who in this world doesn’t like some praise time to time?

One more thing I do is when I see some other child acting out a temper tantrum is I show this behavior to my child. I ask if this child is acting properly and he always says no. I ask does he want to be seen acting like this and he always says no.

I simply state that this is embarrassing and not very appropriate for a big boy. He responds to this being he wants to be seen as a big boy. So later if he starts acting out I remind him of this other child’s behavior and it reminds him to be a big boy. This works often also.

This are some simple but effective tips. I hope they work for you and if you have any others maybe you could make some comments. I also hope you share this to your circles and friends. Hit the like button and or tweet. Thanks ahead of time.

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